Sri Subramaniar Thuropathai Ammal Temple


Main Raja Goprum
UNDER the shield of nipah attap, for months everyone wondered what beauty lies beyond ...ONCE everything was revealed, the majestic East Goprum stands elegantly by its own, capturing the sights of passers-by.
Profesional artists were brought in from india to complete the artwork on the temple. Hours of work poured into the temple has eventually born fruit as the temple has evolved from a simple brick-stone beginning to an elegant and eye-catching structure.
Blessed By The Sun
Once completed the SRI SUBRAMANIAR THUROPATHAI AMMAN ALAYAM is expected to the biggest in South East Asia. The temple will boast of four (4) Raja Goprums (Entrance Gates). This will not only be the pride of all Hindus in Malaysia but also be a major tourist attraction.
Major festivals that are held in the temple such as Maha Theemathi, Murugan Trivala, Navarathi and Protasai Sani. The web site is designed to provide you with information about the temples History, Current and Upcoming events, Festivals and not forgetting a view of the beauty that lies within the temple structure.